Stone Mountain & Stone Mountain Park
The mountain is made of a giant granite rock that formed some 6 miles underground in the Appalachian Mountains 230 million years ago. After 230 million years of erosion the softer soils washed away leaving rock exposed. The top of the rock is 1686 feet above sea level standing 780 feet above the surrounding area.
Stone Mountain Park is a state park with rides, shows and numerous camping and picknicing areas.
The north face of the mountain has the images of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson carved into it measuring 90x190 feet as a confederate memorial.
It's October and it looks like the park has a pumpkin theme going on
At 8:00 Pm the park puts on a laser light show and they use the carving on the mountain as a projection screen. The show was a combination of countery music and patriotic music using a combination of lasers, fire, electric lights, fire works and projected images.
This is a picture of the map of the park. Dial up users bewarned, his picture is a 600K file.
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Ok  where are the peach trees? Not at Stone Mountain, at least not anywhere I or my camera was looking.