Savannah and Tybee Island
These pictures were taken on our 3 day excursion to southeast Georgia. We traveled about 260 miles passing thru the city of Macon and past numerous cotton fields to this beautiful part of the country. While we were here we took a day trip to Tybee Island and we went on a ghost tour.
We ate dinner at
Paula Deen's Restaurant
The town has a historic preservation district that requires all businesses and new construction to fit the period.
These squares are all over historic Savannah, most of them are named after and contain the grave of a prominent citizen of the area.
After lunch at the Pirate House we went down this stairway to the River Walk where we found plenty of shopping along the Savannah River.
In the afternoon we drove out to Tybee Island to see the Lighthouse and stick our feet into the Atlantic Ocean.
In the evening we went on a ghost tour. Savannah is claimed to be the most haunted city in the country. We heard stories of hangings, disease, murder and being buried alive. It turns out that some of the buildings have bodies buried under them and in the the walls of them.
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