Chattanooga Tennessee, Ruby Falls, and the Inclined Railway
Today we drove north to Chattanooga to see an underground waterfall. Just outside of town is Lookout Mountain which towers (by east coast standards) some 2000 ft above the city. The waterfall is located inside a limestone cave about 1/2 of the way up the mountain.
Western Sunset
Some Stuff on the wall
Ruby Falls
About 120 ft Drop
"North end of south bound donky"
This is our guide, his name is Don and he is responsible for the bad jokes
Reflection Pool
More stuff on the wall
Our picture taken in ambient light using the self timer
Hey Dennis, how's the shower?
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After visiting Ruby Falls we took a ride on the inclined railway. The rail car moves in a straight line up and down the face of Lookout Mountain. The incline reaches an angle of 70 degrees and the elevation change is about 2000 ft. The rail car is pulled up the mountain by a steel cable and is powered by two 100 horsepower electric motors.
Well, we still didn't see any peach trees but then again I didn't expect to see them in Tennessee