Today we took a tour of the Dallas area. There is a lot of construction going on around here. We started with Dennis's street and then we went on to another development.  We looked at a lot of homes, but we never did see any peach trees.
West Side
East Side
North Side
The Block
Sweet's trees
What are they looking at?
Terri checks out the house across the street
The Sweet Residence
Oh..the decorations!
Other homes in the area
We drove a couple of miles to look at some
homes in the 200 to 400 thousand dollars range.
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Terri took a few pictures too, including the unfinished basement.
Our Trip to Peachtree City
We hit the road again
Then Dennis puts it into warp drive!
Peachtree City has some beautiful homes and commons. This brick house is very nice and very big.
As we left Peachtree City we came across Lake Kendron. We stopped here to rest and take in the sights before heading home to Dallas.